Reflections at the End of my Sabbatical

The Family

I’m back at work and have been asked numerous time to share my experiences while on sabbatical.  On a top line level:

  1. Having the “Adventures around Cincinnati” book was key – this book led us to places we never had heard of and gave us the ability to plan things that were close to each other to increase our efficiency.
  2. Loved being in the water! Canoeing was awesome but paddleboarding was the best.  The peace of the lake, the sounds of the birds, the quiet.  So relaxing and restoring!
  3. Camping had a resurgence in things we like to do (surprisingly).  It was great being in nature and discovering parks around Cinci and Kentucky.
  4. We really loved visiting parks and doing “nature walks” where we identified trees, wildflowers, bugs and butterflies!  Cincinnati’s parks are amazing!!
  5. Liked volunteering and getting involved with non for profits.  For the first time I was able to consistently volunteer with the SPCA and other non for profits.
  6. One of my goals was to get a definite idea on if I could do homeschooling or not.  I feel I got mixed reviews-  I enjoyed the feeling of pride we felt since it really was obvious we were progressing but on the other hand, homeschooling added a negative piece to a relationship that was in there before (because now I had to also be the teacher).
  7. Overall, I feel like I got some perspective on what were the most important things in life.

Things I liked about the summer

  • I liked studying with the boys and knowing what stage of development they were and what things they needed to learn better
  •  I liked taking steps to reconnect with the Bible which I admittedly had not done after a lot of years at Catholic school scared me away.
  •  I liked having the boys write letters and send art to our families.  Sustaining the connection with our far-away families is important and having the time to do it consistently was great!
  • I liked feeling like I was staying on top of things and not always running behind like I usually do when the both of us are working.
  • I loved having less stress – the days felt calm and I had this overall feeling of serenity!  Instead of having the constant roar in my head about work, that part finally quieted down and I was able to just be!.
  • I liked the simplicity of life when it was all about simple appointments, cooking, cleaning, loving.  I admit towards the end this got old, but in the beginning, it was such a nice change of pace.
  • I liked having more time to read and engage in my pastimes.
  • I liked rediscovering that I love nature and I’m very interested by it — and so are the boys.
  • I loved discovering Cincinnati parks and amenities.

Things I didn’t like so much:

  • I didn’t like having to clean all the time – it really became tedious and I never felt like I checked the box on cleaning.  Since we were in the house all the time, the house was getting dirty all the time.  Ergo – the house was never completely clean.
  • I didn’t like feeling like I wasn’t using my entire skill set – while my work is stressful and complicated,  I really do enjoy what I do.  Feeling like I wasn’t doing that at all felt strange and I missed it.
  • I did not like having to worry about money.  Before we could be much more liberal on eating out or high expenses.  Now, we just had this new worry about what would happen if the AC broke down or if our car stopped working.  Every expense started becoming a big deal and even a place of tension between my husband and I.
  • I fostered 4 kittens and their mother from the SPCA and it was a terribly stressful time.  They basically mangled my furniture (they get on everything!) and plants, were constantly sick and it was a herculean effort to keep the house clean after them.  In addition, it was stressful to keep the cats away from my dogs, since they would forget the dogs were there, cross the gates and then find themselves in the mouth of a Dachshund.  They weren’t hurt but it scared the bejesus out of me.

I am incredibly blessed that I was able to take a Sabbatical! Now only God knows where my path leads to next.


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    Te amo!


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