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“Don’t worry, I already have everything I need for a triathlon” and other lies I told myself

When I decided to take the plunge and sign up for the Indiana Muncie 70.3 (Half Ironman race) this July 15, I told myself (and my husband) that it wouldn’t cost that much because I “already had everything I needed”.  Ha!  I seem to have forgotten that doing triathlons, like owning a boat, is something that always requires new investments.  First off, a coach.  I debated endlessly on getting one or not, but finally succumbed to it after reading 3-4 books on training and having no idea what workouts to do.  Coaches are expensive and will be paying >$150/mo to get coached.  This better be worth it (or I will have to get a second job at Starbucks).   Secondly, a GPS watch.  I had been operating with my cell phone to track my time, pace and other running related things for my Flying Pig Half Marathon training.  The problem is that it is incredibly inconvenient.  Since I’m running in cold weather, I would have to peel off my glove, open the back zipper of my running tights, wedge my phone out of there, enter the code, find the app- all of this without falling on my face or getting run over by a car.  After my sweet husband got me a heart rate monitor for my birthday, I decided to take the plunge and get a fully-triathlon ready watch that can handle running, swimming and biking.  I got the Garmin Forerunning 920x, which I really like, with the only exception that it’s HUGE! It constantly smacks into my wrist or gets caught in my clothes.  Thirdly: I need a new wetsuit.  This I knew when I signed up, but wetsuits are expensive (>$200 for a good one).    Fourth: after my first re-acquaintance with my bike & the bike trainer left me with numb hands and feet (and an achy bottom), I decided to get my bike fit.  I can’t train for 5 months on a bike that makes me miserable, but that was $200.

It’s only the first month and this sport has already wrangled me out of $600!  So much for “I already have everything I need”.  Sheesh.  (Sorry, hubby).


I’m signed up to complete a Half Ironman in July 2015

I can’t believe.  I finally did it.  I signed up to do a Half Ironman.

muncie finaljpg

A Half Ironman, like other triathlons, starts off with a swim (1.2 miles, 2112 yard or 84 loops around your 25 yd pool).  After the swim, you hop on your bike for 56 miles and then you finish it off with a half marathon (13.1 miles) – for a total 70.3 whopping miles.

Now, let’s start with the facts: I am out of shape.  While I have consistently exercised ~3x a week for a long time, 2 of those are in Zumba (completely unrelated) and the other was a walk/run around my 2 mile neighborhood.  My bike, when my husband dug it out yesterday from the basement, was full of spider webs and covered in dirt.  My bike shorts hang on my legs because the elastic has decomposed in the long time since they’ve been used.  I looked down at them and a giggle escaped my lips.  I can’t help but be equally amused and horrified at what I got myself into.

It wasn’t always like this, I used to be a triathlete.  I completed 10 triathlons ranging from sprints to olympic distances. I trained with the Cincinnati Triathlon Club (and then on my own).  While I was never the fastest, I held my own and was extremely proud to gain, inch by inch, determination and resilience.

Then the boys were born and while I completed a triathlon in 2013, I have to admit to myself that it was half-hearted attempt and I finished it only because I am vegan.  My body was able to respond better and hold up longer than previous events I was under trained for.  I under trained and the finish felt bittersweet, I knew I could do more, but hadn’t.

Then 2015 arrived.  2015, the year after my sabbatical, where I realized a LOT about what I want in life.  The year where opportunity knocks, changes are afoot and I have a chance to really push myself again.

I want to go big, because completing a Half Ironman and eventually a full Ironman is in my bucket list.  Because God gave me a healthy body and I want to care for it and to never underestimate what it can do.

I want to complete a Half Ironman because it sounds impossible.  Because it sounds really difficult.  Because the training sounds like it will be hard to keep up with.

I want to reconnect with my body, with my capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.  With my muscles as they strain to deliver what I’m asking.

I want to complete a Half Ironman because, even though right now I’m the slowpoke, I know I can do it.